This Aqualine unvented water heater includes a TMV2 thermostatic blending valve which allows the unit to store water at a high temperature and dispense at handwash temperature.

Water stored above 60°C not only gives more useable blended water output, it also considerably reduces the possibility of harbouring bacteria, making aqualine the ideal product where 'safe' hot water is required - for example schools, nursing homes and nurseries.



  • The range features 7, 10 and 15 litre models, with the latter available in 3kW and 4.5kW loadings. This enables the specifier and installer to cover applications from light duty commercial handwashing to multi-outlet installations.
  • Each unit contains a factory-fitted thermostatic blending valve, pressure and temperature relief valve, a control thermostat and a resettable over-temperature cut-out for additional safety.
  • Made in the UK


Guarantee stated here applies to UK installations only. For details of guarantees in other countries, please consult your local supplier.



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