Santon's PremierPlus is designer's choice

Date - January 2012

A leading building services design consultant from London has selected and installed a solar water heating system from Santon in his newly refurbished home.

Nigel Green of NLG Associates has specified Santon's PremierPlus in many of his clients' projects in the past which have proved to be so successful, he selected the same system for his own house.

A total of three cylinders are working in conjunction with thermal solar panels to provide plentiful supplies of hot water to the 1930s style property as part of a complete building refurbishment, which has included major excavation work to create a 76m² luxury basement living area.

Hot water is provided throughout the whole house which features four bathrooms, including double showering and body jets to the master ensuite. The solar panels have been installed 'flush' to the roofing tiles to ensure a neat aesthetic appearance with effective solar gain to provide pre-heated feed water for the system.

Nigel said:  "I've specified PremierPlus Solar units on a number of occasions for clients and have found they offer an excellent renewable hot water solution, so had no hesitation in selecting them for my own home. Secondly, the height of the cylinders within the loft plant room area was critical due to the low head room available due to planning restrictions.

"They are highly efficient and offer excellent flow rates with fast heat recovery times while also being easy to install and being quality, durable cylinders, they offer longevity when installed in varied applications.”

Santon's dedicated specification team worked closely with Nigel on the system planning and equipment selection process to ensure the most energy efficient solution was provided for his home.

Simon Russell, head of specification for Santon, said:  "In the same way as when we work with Nigel on any of his clients' projects, it is important to evaluate the hot water requirements of a building at the outset, so we can carefully plan the solar arrangement and equipment before installing the system.  Having worked with Nigel so much in the past, we were delighted to be involved with his own home refurbishment.”

PremierPlus Solar is designed to be used in conjunction with many of the solar collector panels and evacuated tube systems now available for the UK market. 

Solar cylinders are energy efficient, being able to provide almost all of a home's domestic hot water requirements during the summer months and up to 60 per cent year round.  Any supplementary water heating required is provided via a conventional boiler or immersion heater.  Solar thermal systems can offer homeowners considerable energy and carbon savings; running costs are thought to be up to 60 per cent less than a conventional water heating system and they can save up to one tonne of carbon dioxide per year. 

Santon's PremierPlus solar cylinders offer homeowners an environmentally friendly option where powerful showers and fast filling baths are concerned.  The cylinder is fed from the cold water mains, providing powerful mains pressure hot water to all showers, baths, sinks and basins in a property, without a loss of performance if more than one tap is used simultaneously. 

The cylinders are available in 190, 210, 250 and 300 litre capacities in indirect and 170, 210, 260 and 300 as direct versions.  The indirect cylinders are dual coil, with a large, purpose designed solar heating coil situated at the base of the unit, offering maximum efficiency and heat output from the solar energy, plus a traditional boiler coil. PremierPlus Solar direct units feature the same solar coil with two 3kW immersion heaters for supplementary heating. Highly cost competitive, PremierPlus Solar is backed by a 30 year on-site parts and labour guarantee, which can be transferred to new owners if the property is sold.