Santon Launches Speediboil

Date - January 2010

Electric water heating specialist Santon has launched the Speediboil boiling water unit, designed for commercial and public sector applications requiring a cost-competitive boiling water solution. 

Every workplace has a demand for hot water to make drinks, but boiling enough using a kettle or urn can be time consuming and a source of frustration - especially in busy applications like school staff rooms, hospitals, factories, fire stations and call centres. 

Permanently connected to the electricity and cold water supply, wall mounted boiling water units eliminate the need for a kettle and save vast amounts of time, providing immediate and constant boiling water for tea, coffee, other hot drinks and snacks. 

Boiling water units also eliminate the safety hazards associated with kettles and urns.  Kettle users can, for example, be scalded by spillages or by steam.  In comparison, boiling water units are securely mounted onto a wall, and since they can't be knocked over, spillages can't occur.  With Speediboil, any steam produced in the boiling cycle is condensed and retained within the unit, making it even safer.

As well as offering time saving and safety benefits, boiling water units are also energy efficient.  Kettles and urns are invariably filled with more water than is needed, which wastes energy, whereas boiling water units deliver the amount of water required and replace it as it is used. 

The new Santon Speediboil range has three capacities - 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 7.5 litres, with the smallest unit instantly delivering 15 167ml cups of boiling water and the largest 45 167ml cups.  Speediboil has been designed to be price competitive - ensuring that a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations can benefit from the time saving and safety benefits the product provides.                

The Speediboil range features IntelliboilTM technology for the efficient management of the boiling cycle.  IntelliboilTM regularly brings the contents of the water container to the boil in response to ongoing user demand.  When there has been no draw off for a period of one hour, it reduces the maximum stored water temperature.  This avoids unnecessary boiling until there is renewed user demand. 
Jon Cockburn, head of marketing for Santon, said: "An increasing number of building managers are beginning to understand that boiling water products offer time, space and energy saving benefits, and eliminate many of the safety concerns associated with kettles.

"And the potential applications for boiling water products are endless, especially when you consider how many workplaces require boiling water for hot drinks and snacks.  So, we were keen to add a boiling water unit to the Santon range, and have made sure that it is an affordable solution for many organisations.”

Speediboil has been designed to be easy to install, and the integral water conditioner means lime scale removal and servicing requirements are minimal, even in the most extreme water conditions.  The product is backed by a comprehensive two year on-site parts and labour guarantee.