Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy



Santon recognises the moral and legal responsibility to protect employees and third parties affected by it's operations, and to operate it's business efficiently by endeavouring to prevent accidents and incidents to people and property and to generally promote the well being of it's employees.

The company aims to achieve the highest standards of Health & Safety in order to minimise risks to employees and the public insofar as they come into contact with it's products and services. As a minimum, the company will comply with Health, Safety and Fire legislation and to attain this with the co-operation of all it's staff.

Continual improvement in the area of Health & Safety is supported by the measurement of performance by internal and external Health & Safety auditing and reporting. Additionally, management will periodically review this policy and will do so especially in the event of any major organisational changes, new legislation or serious incidents.


• Satisfy Health & Safety requirements through an effective company Safety Management System.

• Reduce the incidence of personal injury and occupational illness.

• Minimise loss caused through property damage, fire and security incidents.

• Provide effective Health & Safety training for all employees.

• Ensure that adequate resources and funds are made available to meet these objectives.

April 2012



Our goal is to operate an effective Environmental management system that makes the best use of resources and promotes the manufacture of products that are as efficient as possible, whilst minimising any negative or potentially negative impact on the environment.

We value our reputation as an Environmentally conscious and responsible business and we expect all of our people to understand and support our Policies and Procedures designed to support this.

By applying and adhering to these principles, we will behave in an Environmentally conscious way, seeking opportunities to reduce the negative impact of our activities on the world in which we live.


• Compliance to all relevant Environmental standards and laws., other requirements, best practice and guidelines.

• Prevention of pollution at source, by design, mode of operation and the use of an effective management system.

• Involvement of all our people in support of our Environmental Policy.

• Review of objectives and targets based on reduction of waste and the consumption of resources to minimise our negative impact on the Environment.

• Continual improvement of environmental performance related to key processes.

April 2012



The Santon Quality Management System, which includes this Policy, provides the framework through which a formal and continuing program of review is adopted and fully supported so that products, services and the effectiveness of systems, policies, objectives and tragets may be continually measured and improved as far as possible.

Santon defines Quality as conformance to our Customers' needs, both internally and externally, and as conformance to all defined quality system requirements.  Consequently, we recognise the value of our customers and the impact of our activities upon them.


• To promote a culture and environment which is conducive to achieving customer satisfaction.

• To ensure that the requirements of all products are fully established and available where needed, and that they meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.

• To establish business related objectives at relevant functions and levels within the company and to continually seek opportunities for the improvement of results.

• To involve co-workers in identifying the skills and competence they require, and to utilise formal training plans for the accomplishent and maintennace or objectives.

April 2012